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"Our 24 year old daughter suffered horribly with ON pain after a dance stunt accident in 2008. It became increasingly worse over the years, to the point she was unable to attend school or hold a job. After visiting the Cleveland Clinic where we received a definite diagnosis of Occipital Nerve entrapment, we did a virtual appointment and were unimpressed with a doctor’s stance on the issue and it's treatment. After much time spent researching the Internet, I found many great reviews on Dr. Ducic. Then, I found a social media post made by Jessica on Twitter. Everything changed! I reached out to the foundation and she immediately emailed me back and personally called me. She wanted to know everything about our daughter and how she could help. She helped us get an appointment with Dr. Ducic and personally came with us to the Occipital nerve decompression surgery and sat with our family. She was instrumental in helping us with post op care, and communication with Dr. Ducic. After it was discovered that decompression was unsuccessful, I went to Jessica once again. She counseled us on what to do next and how to get the ball rolling. A few weeks later, we were headed back to DC for excision of Occipital Nerves! It's been five months since surgery and although recovery is slow, Jessica had prepared us for this journey. Jessica is an amazing testimony and a wealth of knowledge in the field of nerve decompression and excision. She has certainly done her research in regards to the condition and most importantly, she knows and understands the pain and how it feels to go through this terrible ordeal."

"We are so thankful for purplewithapurpose.org and Jessica Moore. She is truly a godsend!"

-Jill M., Alabama

" My husband, Daniel, had always suffered from migraines from as far back as he can remember, but as he got older they began to get progressively worse. Two years after we got married, his migraines were so debilitating that he went out on disability. He tried SEVERAL treatments (the ones the doctors instinctively put a patient on, including BOTOX and spinal cord stimulator). After 5 years of feeling like a guinea pig and having no relief, Daniel lost hope. He felt like his pain was never going to go away. We had heard about decompression/excision surgery early on, but at the time it felt like such a radical thing to do, and the way his doctor described it, "as a last resort..." was discouraging. We also lived on the west coast and the doctor who was performing this surgery was on the east coast, so we dismissed this treatment at that time. Fast forward a few years and we relocated to NC. My husband was still in terrible shape. Most days he spent holed up in the house, as he was photophobic to light and sun, which would make the pain so bad he would vomit. He was also extremely sensitive to sound. Our daughter was young at the time and he was missing out on so much of life due to his debilitating chronic head pain. It was no way for anyone to live, and I couldn't imagine him living the rest of his life that way. There had to be a better way and that's when we began researching nerve excision surgery. We quickly found Dr. Ivica Ducic in Washington, DC and began to learn about the procedure he was performing. We also found Jessica Moore, a patient of Dr. Ducic's, founder of the foundation PurplewithaPurpose, and an advocate for people suffering from similar head pain. We watched all of Jessica's videos on You Tube and saw that her and my husband's conditions were extremely similar. We reached out to Jessica and she was kind enough to talk with both my husband and I on the phone! Her story gave us hope and we moved forward with having surgery with Dr. Ducic. Jessica was such a huge part of our journey, from beginning phases of learning about Dr. Ducic, to hearing her personal story of living with pain and becoming better after multiple surgeries. She was so supportive and encouraging to us, and she went above and beyond by even working with Dr. Ducic's office on our behalf at times. Not only that, Jessica came to the hospital when Daniel had surgery and sat with me the whole time his procedure was being done! She gave us strength and hope, when all of that seemed to have been lost, and I truly believe that she was put in our lives to specifically help us through this journey, which she is wonderful at. Today, my husband is doing amazing, compared to a few short years ago! He is full of light and joy, and is able to participate in life to the fullest extent! His horrible symptoms are gone! I can not recommend Dr. Ducic enough, and highly encourage anyone suffering from chronic head pain to go see him. He's an amazing person as well. In addition to that, I can not recommend Jessica Moore and her foundation any more highly! Jessica is a natural at being supportive and a natural born advocate. If you're struggling at any point in your journey, reach out to her! I know that she would be honored to help you in any way that she can, to listen to your story, and/or to share hers with you. Hang in there and don't give up. "

" There is hope! "

-Leah and Daniel J., North Carolina